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From another Pastor's Wife

Pentecostal Lighthouse
4239 California St.
Oscoda, MI 48750


Dear Sis. Doty,
We had a HELP ME HEAL Conference at our assembly in Oscoda, Michigan March 13-15,2014. I had heard about these conferences and how powerful they were and I found out that I had heard correctly! The presence of God was there and I am still hearing from ladies that came to this conference and they have nothing but great words to say.

Several received a healing or the beginning to the process of their healing. There were some chains that were broken. We had some chains and were literally throwing them down on the floor. Also, ladies were calling to say Thanks for having the conference!

It has changed the life of a lady I have been working with. She was in a session on “Stressed Out.” She came to visit me and talk about what she learned in that class and how God spoke to her through the teacher. I can already see the changes in her.

I really appreciate the ladies coming and having this conference here. Also, I felt very comfortable with them and was so glad to meet them and become friends with them. I appreciated the time they spent here and their caring spirit.

May God richly bless all your future conferences. I know that when the pastor’s wife obeys God, as I did when he told me to host one, that they and their church will be blessed. I have already been blessed and so has the church here in Oscoda, just by hosting this conference.

Sister Anna Goss
Pastor’s Wife/Pentecostal Lighthouse