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HMH Speakers

HMH Speakers


Our speakers and teachers are the cream of the crop. They have lived through pain and suffering and are survivors--more than survivors--they are victors! They know what they are talking about. You will be hearing from experience, not something they just read about in a book! One note of interest is that speakers and topics are subject to change with the various conferences. Some speakers might already have another commitment. Or perhaps the topic they specialize in is not a pressing issue in that area. We are always open to new speakers and new topics. Our speakers are available to minister at your event, so feel free to contact them with an invitation.

Speakers are subject to vary along with topics and availability.





  April 2020  
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Armour Bearers
All chosen armour bearers: Remember to pray daily for your HELP ME HEAL Conferences, Director, and Staff. Pray that God will handpick each speaker and each topic for breakout sessions.
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