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Read What Some Folks are Saying about HELP ME HEAL!

The Illinois conference was awesome.  Thank you for listening to the voice of God and helping in changing lives.  I especially enjoyed the testimonies and the handouts that I can refer to in my time of need.
Healed Warrior
This is my second Help me Heal Conference and I would attend another conference as well.  The speakers were fabulous and anointed of God.  I loved the worship.  I learned valuable insights that will help me in my spiritual walk with God.
Thank you
"God blessed this HMH Conference with ladies willing to work to make it happen--and Jesus brought hungry sisters to attend--far more than we even expected!"
"I know it was God's will for Sister Doty and the other wonderful sisters to minister through the Providence RI Conference in 2011! So many were healed and delivered!"

Thank you so much for obeying the calling and burden God gave you! This conference has changed our lives.
God bless you, you are beautiful!


What an honor to sit under your teaching! You are absolutely beautiful. Will you be my grandmother? (smile) God has done some great things in my life thrugh this conference.


"Oh my Lord, I thank you for taking the time to come near where I live so I was able to be at this conference. I know for a fact, I will never be the same. I pray that I will never look back, now that God has touched me in this way."


When I remember the services, the tears still run down my face. I am still basking in the presence of God.  God was so good to us and  HMH.The conference was so wonderful.  All of you are great ladies and just such a sweet, wonderful spirit.


"I went the last two times you were in Providence, and was tremendously blessed. So I did not think I needed to go again. All I can say is that I thank my Jesus that He encouraged me to go. I thought I was healed but He showed me there was more to be done. Thank you Sister Doty and all the ladies who came and ministered to us."


This was your very best conference--such a spirit of liberty and freedom flowed through the whole place.


God was so good to us and blessed mightily. We had two receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday morning as an overflow of the conference.


"This was my first time at HMH and I just want to say thank you for doing the Lord's work because I was truly blessed by the conference. I left there feeling whole and refreshed in the Holy Ghost. I thought all those issues were gone but I realize that were only hidden and the Lord knew my heart. I finally feel at peace and I'm so thankful that God has praying women doing his business. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. Thanks again..."

Just want to thank you all for Help Me Heal-- your words ring in my heart, mind, and soul so many days. I am finally me again an have a new desire to see a move of God in my life..He has lead me and guided me and now I feel that the healing is complete! ...took me a little longer than some, but praise God I am me again! I feel like I had a cacoon wrapped around me an I have broken out if it, and am ready to soar to new heights in Jesus. I couldnt have done this without you wonderful ladies--Help Me Heal goes on working after you leave the conference. Its been a little over 2 yrs. But I've dealt with the pain,and am ready for new beginnings. I love you all and have such deep respect for all you do.

* “Help Me Heal has totally changed my life!” --TM

* “My marriage has been turned around, I left Help Me Heal feeling like a new bride.” --EW

* “This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever gone to!”--AR

*”The teaching is absolutely Biblical.” --VR

Sister Doty,
Thanks for the word of encouragement--whats makes this so ironic is that your book was left inside of a rental car that someone else found!  They read the cover, and knew it was for me, and that's when I begin to read it--
Review posted by Shanda
I finished reading this book today. AWESOME! I have been around so many different hurting people I just wasn\'t sure what to say to them or how to minister to them. I continued praying and seeking the Lord for answers. I went to my church bookstore at the First Pentecostal Church in Pensacola, Florida and was just looking at the different books displayed. When the Holy Ghost led me to \"Help Me Heal\" I knew this was the book He wanted me to read. As a matter of fact, it was the only copy left. I took my time reading this book and realized that God was helping me to minister to hurting people and was also healing me of past hurts and deep pain that I didn\'t realize was even there. Many tears were shed and by the power of the Holy Ghost more healing took place in my own life. I highly recommend this book to hurting people and to all ministers, intercessors, sunday school teachers, youth pastors, saints of God, anyone who has the breath of life in their body. If you work with people, this book is a must. Sister Lynda Doty, thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Ghost and following His lead. You are feeding His lambs and sheep. I will be praying for you and your husband. May the Lord richly bless you all in Jesus Name. Oh, one more thing, I am going to recommend this book to my pastor, Brian Kinsey who is the best pastor in the whole wide world. He teaches our ministers in trainling at the First Pentecostal Church in Pensacola, Florida, and I believe this book would help all of us as we deal with different people. Okay, that\'s it for now. God bless you.
review posted by Lisa Adamson
This book is a 5+++. Powerful book. I found this book in a little store in Ontario, Canada, when I was searching for the Lord back in 1999. I read it from front to back and was ministered to thoroughly. I completed the last chptr dealing with strong holds, the same night I got baptized in Jesus name & recieved the Holy Ghost. Since then I have lent it out a couple of times and have had to replace it with a new one each time. Every apostolic library should have one great tool for ladies in ministry. I could speak on and on. God Bless...Keep the anointing.
review posted by Denene Pelkey
Help Me Heal is one of the best books I've ever read ~ I have picked it up read it more than once because the anoiting that is upon it speaks out to you & causes something to want to change! I encourage every women to read it & share it with other's. May the Lord bless you & keep you always!
review posted by Healed!
I had seen this particular book around for years, but did not think it pertained to me. How wrong I was! When I finally picked up a copy at a ladies conference and glanced through the contents, I grabbed it up. Sister Doty happened to be there at the time, and she autographed it for me and took the time to pray with me.
review posted by Carly Smith
This book has truly changed my life. Sister Doty advised me not to jump to the chapters that pertained to my problem, but to work through this book with a Bible and notebook. I am so glad I did because there is an anointing that flows through the whole book. That anointing brought me healing because it is all based on God's Word.
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