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HELP ME HEAL Conferences do not work against the local church, but together alongside it, and have proven to be an assistance in helping ladies find the path to healing and wholeness. As a former pastor's wife, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be when the hurting are trying to help the hurting...when they seem to go out the back door as fast as they come in through the front.

I believe and teach that the Word of God is all-sufficient. We do not do "counseling," and use no psychological techniques. We will help your ladies understand how to dig into the Word of God and extract the principles that apply to any problem or issue they are facing.

The schedule for the conference will be Thursday night, all day Friday, and Saturday morning. Thursday night's ministry will be forgiveness and repentance--without which there will never be genuine healing. Friday we will have breakaway sessions on topics that many pastors might find difficult to discuss with ladies, such as: Depression, addictions, sexual abuse,  abortion, and others. We will provide a chance for fellowship by means of a special luncheon. Friday night will be "A Time to Heal," and Saturday a couple more excellent sessions before closing out about Noon. HMH shares in the costs of the conference because we want as many ladies to be able to attend as possible, without putting the local church under hardship.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

God bless you,
Your friend,
Lynda Allison Doty