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Pastor's Wife's Letter

Rebecca J. Huba, Pastor’s Wife
Upper Room Apostolic Church
5804 Vermont Ave.
New Port Richey, FL 34655

Date: 3 December, 2012

Lynda Allison Doty, Director
A Woman's Place Ministries
P O Box 936
Winnsboro, South Carolina 29180

Dear Sister Doty,

We were blessed to have you and your staff at our church for a Help Me Heal Conference. The conference was held on October 25th-27th, 2012 at the Upper Room Apostolic Church. This conference brought us together (as women) to share our issues with one another. It also helped us in developing healthy and positive healing with each other. We have experience remarkable benefit from the conference, and we will be helping each other promote peace through healing in our church. This was our first Ladies conference and we expect to hear of other churches having the same success through your ministry to women.
Our priority will be to continue helping to reach out to hurting women. One of the ladies who had been addicted to prescription medication was healed during this conference. Another lady had been smoking and completely loss the urge to smoke. Many others were emotionally healed.
I would like to add that the conference management committee did a fantastic job preparing for this conference, which I feel contributed to the success of the conference. During the conference the Help Me Heal banner was displayed. The forms, and packets were sent to us in a timely manner. The class sessions benefited us all. I look forward to hearing from you with any question regarding the conference. Thank you for helping our ladies at Upper Room. The HEALER was in the house!


Rebecca J. Huba
Pastor's Wif