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S.C. Letter

January 9-11, 2014, I was privileged to attend the “Help Me Heal Conference” (HMH) in Columbia, SC.  It meant so much to me. 

All of the teachers were outstanding.  The first class I went to I knew God was definitely in me being there.  The teacher, Thelma Prather from Michigan, who I did not know, approached a subject on “cutting.”  I was so blown away as I have two young ladies (teens) that need help in this area and I had been asking God to give us wisdom to deal with both of them.  Found out there are over 200 websites that show them how to do this to their bodies.  He is an on-time God!

Sometimes we need the insight of others.  “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). 

You may have all the answers but I don’t.  We are living in perilous times and need to know how to help those who are hurting.  This conference will give you direction in many areas.  It’s not a high-powered conference.  One received the Holy Ghost so what more could you ask for?

Sis. Lynda Doty and her committee definitely have a burden for this ministry.  I want to say a big THANKS to them for all of their efforts.  These ladies pay their own plane fares if the conference cannot pay for them.  Several of them hold down full-time jobs and yet set aside time to reach others.  They were ladies of intellect with Masters and Doctoral degrees; yet clinical jargon was not used.  It was a practical and Biblical approach to helping heal the wounded. 

Lord willing, HMH conference will be coming back to Columbia next year.  If you were unable to attend this year, make sure and plan on being present at the 2015 HMH Conference in Columbia.  God is in this endeavor and He’ll be there too with us.


Kaye Singleton ♪♪