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 I can't thank God enough for everything He has done. I am healed! I have never used the word "rape" when referring to what happened to me when I was nine years old.  I always said sexual abuse or something like that, because I couldn't remember. This morning without visions or memories, I said the words-- He raped me!... I knew Jesus had done something. I could feel something in me missing and I asked Him what it was I was feeling.  He said freedom from pain.. The wound of rape was gone and that is why I could say those words, he raped me. But it got better because as I cried with JOY,  I could see my mom. See, she denied knowing anything, but I remember when she picked me up from the house where I was being baby sat by the so called "uncle" I remember crying and telling her and her new husband something?? (I still cant remember what I said) Her new husband drove back to that house and I remember him trying fight the "uncle.” When I got older and asked my mom what I said that night, she said that that never happened... I had unforgiveness in my heart for her. Jesus showed me and I was able to speak the words, “I forgive you mom,” and I did!
I can’t wait to meet you one day so I can personally hug you!!!  Are the help me heal conferences something for all women to attend? I would love to do one here at our church I know a lot of women hurting. I would also like to get a case of the Help me Heal and Why am I Crying books can I order case quantities from the website??