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A Woman's Place...

" at the feet of Jesus...learning to be all that He would have her be! In the praise and loving worship. a woman's place..."

…A safe place for healing and growth. Our purpose is to help Christian women to examine themselves according to the Word of God…to learn to compare themselves to the Word of God and not to one another…and to help them learn to work on those areas that do not line up with the Word of God. Our purpose is to help women be all that God would have them be by learning to live and function according to Biblical principles. The more we conform our lives to God’s Word, the more we will become like HIM, and be used by Him in His Kingdom.

Knowing and doing God’s will is the most important goal in life. If we stay in His will, everything else will fall into place.

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    Dr. Doty's latest book! You won't want to miss reading this one!

  • It is time....

    Thought for the Hour:
    Anyone ever ask for testimonies, and there you sat...wondering what kind of testimony you could give. So you remain silent because you just can't think of anything. Well, I'm here to tell you--you do have something good to say about your Savior! I always have a testimony! Even if it's only--


    You see, here's the thing:
    there is POWER, POWER, in the spoken word.
    "What you say is what you get...."