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Our Purpose

A Woman's Place

Our Purpose: A Woman's Place is a very special place. A wonderful place to the feet of Jesus. We are not a place that fights for women's rights. We are not "feminists." We do not take you to places that stand in defiance of your husband or pastor. We just try to help you get to the feet of the One who waits for you...who is the solver of every problem. We help to surround you with other ladies who care. Do you need a mentor? 

I hope someday to have a big Victorian-type house to turn into a welcoming home for women. Bedrooms upstairs, offices and meeting rooms downstairs. Good teaching, seminars, training. When a lady finds healing at a HELP ME HEAL Conference, she may wonder: What next? Where do I go from here? We want to be there for her to help her find direction and training for where God wants her to minister. Every woman needs to be ministering. Not all are called to a pulpit ministry, but our Jesus loves busy hands!