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Bipolar--or Manic-Depressive?

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Linda Collins was in Lynda's Maximum Victory class in Sacramento, CA and Lynda grew very fast to love this wonderful lady of God. When she first told her story of being "bipolar," Lynda could hardly believe it. It was such a remarkable story that Linda was invited to give her testimony in one of Lynda's classes. Next, she helped Linda put her story into a book and it was one of Lynda's best sellers. Sadly, Linda got cancer, it was terminal, and she went home to be with Jesus. Lynda sold out of the book and wanted to reprint it, but did not own the copyright. But she did own the tape of her testimony in that class! Since the book could not be reprinted, Lynda decided to transform that tape into another book. The result is this one that you now see in "store." I believe it will be a real blessing to you.

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