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Peace and Organization in Seven Days (Kimbley)

Peace And Organization In Seven Days.

Juli Kimbley

The devil doesn’t want us to have a peaceful and organized life. As long as we race through life, dropping off Johnny at ball practice, then Katie to piano lessons, etc, we will probably run out of time to do the things that God has asked us to do. We are too busy running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and when we are too busy to take care of the important things in life, then the devil doesn’t have to worry so much about us because we will run until there is nothing left of us but the shell of a person.

Well... it might take a little longer than seven days to have a peaceful and organized home, because it took longer than a week for our lives to spin out of control. But we can begin the process in seven days. Each day we can cover a different aspect of organizing your time.

Day 1: We need to prioritize our time. Look at all the things you are doing and compare that with what you need to do. What can you pare down? If it doesn’t bring joy or if it isn’t necessary, then you can delegate or better yet, eliminate. I think that clutter is the biggest thief there is. Clutter takes on many faces. It can be anything from the dust collectors we have around the house, to the feelings we carry with us from a lifetime of disappointment, to the many things that we have going on our calendars. Eliminate clutter.

Day 2: Get rid of the perfectionist in you. We cause so much pressure for ourselves by feeling that if a job isn’t done perfectly then it isn’t good enough. Just because our mother mopped and waxed the kitchen floor on her hands and knees does not mean that you have to mop and wax like that today. Modern technology has eliminated a lot that our parents had to do. Remember that something, such as housework, done incorrectly still blesses your family.

Day 3: Invest in a timer. Just a cheap one from a dollar store would be good to get you started. Now work has a tendency to fill the time allotted. So if you set your timer and say, I am going to do this for 15 minutes, then just do it. You will be amazed at how much can be accomplished in 15 minutes. We can all do just about anything for 15 minutes, no matter how unpleasant or boring the task is. Cut up a big job in 15 minute increments and tackle a portion at a time. After the timer goes off, then leave the job and take a break for yourself for another 15 minutes. You deserve it.

Day 4: Write it down. Write what down? Well, what you need to write down are some simple routines that will eventually become automatic. Part of our being busy is when we have a minute to go to the next task, we have to stop and regroup and figure out what needs to be done next. If you have a routine, then you will do things automatically, like brushing your teeth. You don’t have to think about it and eventually it seems to get done by itself. You can write it down in a notebook that you refer to everyday or simply use a post-it note and place it up on your bathroom mirror.

Day 5: Get up and get dressed. I mean get completely dressed all the way from your hair to your shoes. If you are dressed like you are going to work, your body will respond by acting like it is ready to go to work. Now before you get dressed, get your bed made. If you don’t get your bed made then you will want to climb back into it. I can hear my pillow calling my name in the morning, but once my bed is made, it becomes a distant memory. I don’t think about it anymore. The easiest way to make a bed is a comforter. It covers and fluffs the bed so quickly that you can have it done with ease.

Day 6: Get plenty of rest. Go to bed at a decent hour. If you are up half the night your body will be too tired to accomplish what it needs to do the next day. Our bodies were designed to rejuvenate themselves at night when we sleep. If we don’t rest we will get sick easier, become grumpy, and feel overwhelmed. Even God rested after he created the universe. The Old Testament law required a day of rest. What makes us think we are so smart now that we think we can be super mom and not get the rest we our bodies require so desperately?

Day 7: I list this last because of its very importance. The most important step in finding an organized and peaceful life is to find time for Jesus. If you don’t have time for Jesus, then you are definitely too busy. Meet with Him first thing. Set your clock a half-hour earlier. Let Jesus plan your day. Check in with Him and ask Him for his leading and guidance. If you don’t know what requires your attention, ask Him to help you eliminate some of the things that take us from our God-ordained ministries in life.

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